Farhia Jama

Co-Founder, Holby Training Solution

What inspires you to live the life you live?

I found that I am Unique with seven talents which reminds me that I need to serve the world and leave a legacy.

What's your favourite piece/source of content?

My favorite quote comes from my own poems about to be published - Just as the vinedresser nurtures the vine and waits patiently for the right moment to harvest the grapes. Wait on me, do not try to run ahead of me.

My favorite movie is Start-Up - it reminds me the importance of patience while you work on things and how young people should not rush the process.

About Farhia Jama

Farhia Jama is the Co-founder of Holby Training Solution. She is a Lead Business coach and consultant in various countries in Africa.She is a passionate 26 year old who is transforming Africa. She is the Author of Your Entrepreneurship Journey and 4 other books.She has trained over 800 people in Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria and Ghana. She was selected as the economic advocate on the Kenyan Presidential Unit summit to advise on job creations for youth. She is a Lawyer and Tax specialist by profession doing her final year in Masters. She started her entrepreneurship journey at 18 years of age.She is Passionate about empowering youth and marginalized communities to attain economic stability. She was recognized & awarded for transforming people across africa .She is advocating for quality education and long term sustainability programs.