Dan Sonko

Managing Director at Creatives Nest Foundation

What inspires you to live the life you live?
I am inspired by Life itself. It may sound weird but the mere fact that I have breath in my lungs and able to think, move and act gets me going. I lost my Wife in 2017 during child birth. I cannot express the pain I went through then. I contemplated "joining" her at some point. My first wake up call was my 2 Boys.
Then 2 Quotes got me on my feet;
a. "Life is for the Living"  - this was told to me by my Pastor then, Gideon Banda. He told me these words barely a week after laying my late wife to rest. Initially I was angered but the more I pondered on what he was trying to convey, the stronger I got.
b. "Aspire to Inspire before you Expire" - this one I read in a Book (I do not remember the Title but the Author is called Pepe Manambo). I derive a lot of satisfaction in giving. Monetary assistance aside;
In Encouraging peers, Offering Solutions and/or ideas Freely and Creating opportunities especially to persons on the Creative Industry and seeing others thrive always keeps me going.
What's your favourite piece/source of content? 
I am a sponge. As partly a Content Creator, I soak in my surrounding and provide different perspectives to that which I have taken in.
Favourite Source? AWAY from the Phone! Hehehehehe.
Seriously though, I cannot quite say I have a fave BUT I source my content from day to day interactions with people. Peculiar incidences in society and occasionally from Current Affairs that I pick up from Digital Media.
About Dan
I am a young, innovative and self driven professional with a desire to excel in a dynamic business community through hard work and excellent training. I have boldness and vision to initiate new ideas and implement innovative approaches through strategic direction. My professional goal is to achieve personal and organizational growth through proper application of in born and acquired attributes to provide solutions to various business challenges and serve the interest of the community around me.