Chris Makena

Founder and CEO of Bold Network Africa

What inspires you to live the life you live? 

I am inspired to live Boldly and be my authentic self because I believe that's the only way one can achieve their purpose in life. I chose to exist in this life being a purpose driven individual being truthful to my very own self.

What's your favourite piece/source of content? 

My favorite source of content will have to be films because I love acting and it's the best way to tell stories that have the potential of impacting social change.

About Makena

She is the founder and CEO of Bold Network Africa an organisation based in Nairobi, Kenya that aims to educate the society in africa about the LGBTQ community through Films, Documentaries and training in a bid to end the constant discrimination of the queer community. She strongly believes that stigmatization is as a result of an uninformed society. She is also a freelance journalist who loves telling stories about the youth in Africa and creating impact.