Andrew Alovi

Sports & Entertainment Marketing Specialist

What inspires you to live the life you live? 

I am very passionate about not starving to death :-) 

What's your favourite piece/source of content? 

 Youtube! I go there for Music any day any time because it works whatever magic I need, then you end up finding great content, documentaries etc.

About Andrew

Andrew Alovi is a seasoned professional with over 13 years’ experience across Africa in marketing, arts and entertainment. A student of Theatre, Film & Music, Andrew has built and delivered some great platforms that have nurtured tonnes of talent from the continent such as Coke Studio Africa, Airtel One8 Project, Copa Coca-Cola, Airtel Rising Stars and many more. Alovi is a seasoned marketer with extensive experience across Sub Sahara Africa working with various institutions such as Nation Media Group, Airtel Africa and Coca-Cola Central, East & West Africa