You can become a TEDxParklands participant in a number of ways: By joining us as a strategic partner, by reaching out to us with your questions and suggestions, and last but not least, attending – in person or remotely

Become a Partner– Now in our second year, TEDxParklands aims to be the leading platform for exchange of ideas among the Kenyan youth. As a non-profit, we rely on partners who aspire to be part of this goal, here in Nairobi, and across the world.

Nominate a speaker – We search year-round for presenters who will inform, inspire, surprise and delight. But a lot of our speakers come from recommendations from you! If you know someone who belongs on the TEDx stage, or if you belong there yourself, we want to hear from you.

Nominate a performer – Beyond the talks, our event loves to feature amazing performers who can engage the audience and open them to an exciting new world of possibilities.

Showcase your art – we always seek to give creatives a space to show us some of their work. If you are one, we would love to hear from you.

Become a Vendor – We are seeking to provide an appealing setup for vendors who would like to sell, advertise or conduct product demonstrations for their goods or services to attendees on the event day.

Enquire – We are happy to hear from you on any queries you might have for us.