Why we invest in Audience Curation, TEDxParklands

I’m writing this article as a follow up to the one written by Annstella Mumbi(the co-organizer for TEDxParklands) which you can read here. She spoke about how we decided to start organizing TEDx events in Nairobi and what we hope to achieve through it. In this article, I will shed light on curation. There are 2 kinds of curation when it comes to TEDx events: speaker curation and audience curation. I will talk about audience curation in this piece and address [...]

TEDxParklands Loading…(The Inception, the Execution, the New)

This story begins one year ago, I was seated watching TED talks as was my usual Sunday tradition. A quick YouTube search had me running into a local TEDx event which blew my mind. It had always inherently bugged me that there were very few authentic African TEDx talks. Most of the ones with huge traction were held outside the continent and always addressed the ‘Africa and problems’ narrative. Where were the happy stories, where were the random African [...]

How To Deliver An Exceptional TEDx Talk

‘’Giving a TEDx Talk is like telling a story to a friend.’’ Each time Mr. Oltesh, a Toastmasters and a John Maxwell coach said this to us, it sounded easier than it initially seemed. We willingly took his advice. If you heard the conviction in his voice, you would too. Mr. Oltesh has a passion for sharing knowledge and ideas through public speaking. Having been a previous TEDx speaker himself, he has, for over 20 years been sharing knowledge, ideas, motivating, inspiring others and giving [...]