Wanjiku Kihika

Founder, Executive Director, Tribeless Youth

I am not apologetic about..

Standing up against any forms injustices. Neither am I apologetic about being a mum at young age. This has helped me raise a son and shape his future to becoming a voice of the Voiceless.

About Wanjiku

Wanjiku (Shikoh) Kihika is the Founder and Executive Director of Tribeless Youth - an initiative established with a view of promoting peaceful coexistence among the youth in Kenya devoid of tribe. Shikoh is passionate about empowering young people and young creatives, so that they know and understand that their true power lies in their voice and creativity. Her everyday mantra is to inspire a new generation of young men and women to rebel against any forms of impunity being thrown their way by the political elite. She believes that sharing her own experiences and highlighting the struggles and plight of other Kenyans, serves as a necessary voice that is representative of those who have been held silent for far too long. She hopes that future generations will identify themselves within her story, learn about their history and grow.