Lorna Muthamia-Ochido

Founder/Director at Speech Therapy Totos

I am not apologetic about..

My dreams, my ambitions, my unrelenting pursuit for efficiency, homegrown solutions and excellence. My 'learnings', my triumphs and successes.

The most brilliant thing I've come across is...

My own awakening and the benefits of practicing mindfulness; being fully present and therefore, not getting caught up in the rat race of life. I relish the discovery that I am a powerful creator of my own reality; whatever goal I set is achievable, I only need to claim it by getting out of my own way.

About Lorna

She is a wife, mother, and the Founder + Director of the largest speech therapy clinic in East and Central Africa - Speech Therapy Totos. She has in the recent past taken up online content creation for courses parents can conveniently access in order to empower them on how to improve their children's communication outcomes. She is soon to launch the first speech therapy online school in East Africa to cater for the training needs of teachers, therapists as well as parents. She thoroughly enjoys creative writing and owns the blogger on: www.blog.speechtherapytoto.com and www.speechmama.co.ke