Janet Mbugua

Media Personality and Gender Advocate

I am not apologetic about..

Speaking out against issues pertaining intolerance

The most brilliant thing I've come across is...

Concept: Inclusion + Storytelling = the sum of all change (my thoughts!)

About Janet

Janet Mbugua is a Kenyan Media Personality and Gender Equality Advocate with a focus on Menstrual Equality. She is a TV Host with experience as a News Anchor, Reporter and Producer both in her country, Kenya and in South Africa. Janet is the founder of the Inua Dada Foundation, an organization whose mission is to create a supportive and accessible environment for primary school girls in Kenya by conducting research to identify issues that hinder learning and working collaboratively with strategic partners to implement sustainable solutions.

She consults for The Hive, a US Based organization seeking to amplify Gender Equality messaging in Kenya and other African countries. She is the Project Lead for #Better4Kenya, their first campaign in Kenya. Janet announced her first book, ‘My First Time’. The book, which uses storytelling to influence change around menstrual equality, is available in stores and online.