Dr. Jane Wakahe

Reproductive Wellness Coach

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Sexuality: I will call all organs as they are

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The first cry of a newborn baby

About Dr. Jane Wakahe

Dr. Jane Wakahe is a specialist obstetrician/gynecologist with a Master’s degree in Public Health whose practice spans over 35 years. During this period, she has handled many, varied cases that span cancers of reproductive health organs, contraception, infertility, pregnancy, menopause, STDs, and all other matters reproductive health. This best demonstrated by her history of treating over 15,000 patients and having delivered over 10,000 babies. Outside of her private practice, Dr. Jane Wakahe has also been involved in auditing hospitals to check and advise on their preparedness to handle Gender Based Violence (GBV) and Maternal and Neo-natal mortality. Additionally, she has been a lecturer at the University of Nairobi (UoN) and has facilitated medical camps. Given her wealth of wisdom and her years of experience, Dr. Wakahe now feels compelled to share with others what lies within. She has in the past given talks especially to groups of women on matters reproductive health. However, since recently, she has given many talks, and has been in public forums to discuss matters reproductive health. She is passionate about cervical cancer because it’s almost 100% preventable. Beyond her passion for cervical cancer prevention, Dr. Wakahe also wants women (and men) to be empowered through knowledge on their reproductive health. In order to be a fully productive citizen, people need to know how to care for their reproductive health. For this reason, she is bold in her approach to the subject. She is not ashamed of sexuality and as such calls things as they are. Many people are shocked by her boldness but are also grateful that she calls things as they are because much is lost in translation.