How To Deliver An Exceptional TEDx Talk

‘’Giving a TEDx Talk is like telling a story to a friend.’’

Each time Mr. Oltesh, a Toastmasters and a John Maxwell coach said this to us, it sounded easier than it initially seemed. We willingly took his advice. If you heard the conviction in his voice, you would too.

Mr. Oltesh has a passion for sharing knowledge and ideas through public speaking. Having been a previous TEDx speaker himself, he has, for over 20 years been sharing knowledge, ideas, motivating, inspiring others and giving a helping hand to various groups. Mr. Oltesh likes to introduce himself as a herdsman and bee keeper.

We have had the privilege of learning these top tips from him for delivering an exceptional TEDx Talk.

1. Identify the objective of your talk

What do you want your audience to learn? This is the foundation on which your talk will be formed. Of all the great facts and stories you share on stage, your objective is the undeniable message you would wish your audience to take away.

2. Build your talk around three pillars

  • Introduction

Mr. Oltesh likes to call this the hook. As a speaker, it is the first verbal contact you will make with your audience that will determine how long you keep their concentration. Use humor. Use personal stories. Use facts and statistics. They work like a charm!

  • Body

The body is the flesh your story comes dressed in. Mr. Oltesh advises to divide this section into 3-5 solid talking points, with a seamless memorable flow. Memorable to you as you deliver your talk, and to the audience.

  • Conclusion

Your conclusion should be the only ‘’Goodbye’’ you ever need to make that is so powerful everyone will be satisfied to see you leave.

3. Time yourself

You’ll be happy to know each TEDx talk is not more than 18 minutes. This is long enough to be serious and short enough to hold your attention. It’s kinda like the length of a coffee break! It helps to practice your talk while timing yourself.

4. The audience came to listen to you

Be bold to create a connection with them. Dress appropriately for your talk and maintain eye contact. Allow your body language to help you deliver your speech. Less wordy presentations will ensure the audience does not get distracted while looking at the screens.

5. Be friends with the red carpet

The red carpet has got to be one of the most significant props on any TEDx stage. A great speaker will unapologetically move around this space as they will. Movement used appropriately will encourage the audience to warm up to you.

By reading this, you are 5 steps into being prepared to speak at a TED event. Should an opportunity present itself, do not pass out on it!

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