Welcome to TEDxParklands

The TEDx Platform uses inspired thinkers as drivers of change through sharing ideas. TEDxParklands is an event geared towards growing the TED and TEDx Community in Kenya with a vision to showcase powerful ideas that help to shape the African Narrative.

By driving well rounded conversations, our mission is to give an international platform to visionaries running outstanding initiatives across various sectors under the Nairobi Skyline.

Ultimately, we are working towards hosting one of TED’s Conferences, i.e (TEDsummit or TED Global)


We are working to empower Africans by having their thoughts, opinions and voices heard!

Our Flagship Events are:


This is a one-day event held for our local community, featuring a diverse array of talks, not limited to one subject.


This is a full day event on the topic of women and gender organized around the official TEDWomen conference.

TEDxParklands Salon

These are small monthly events focused on a single topicto keep our community engaged between larger events.





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